Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Dublin's Fair City

The thing about being from a city is unlike a tourist you generally know first hand where's great or not so great for things to do. There's nothing worse, than flying in somewhere for the first time and being totally clueless as to what lies ahead of you. Many would argue, that's the best way to find out about a city and in that regard, Dublin is probably an easier city to get to know than most in a relatively short space of time. Unlike, a London or Paris or Barcelona perhaps. The beauty of Dublin as opposed to other cities, is, in a nutshell, it's size. It really is a well laid out place for getting around fairly easily and a whole day strolling around at your leisure you would easily stumble across the main shopping spots and places to eat and/or have a drink or "a Scoop" as we say in these parts.

One of the things, I wanted to do around this blog is to allow first time visitor's get the inside  knowledge of what sort of things they could get up too over a couple of days here in Dublin. I've been lucky with lots of the places I've been too around Europe and eleswhere, in that I've known someone who lives there or I've simply made an effort to get to know the locals and find out what they like to do at the weekends. So, I'm gonna do the same with this.

I'm also generally interested in what makes Dublin tick, how it offers so much on a music and arts front, how it can continue to throw up totally new experiences, some good/some bad. Personally, looking at the marketing and promotional material you get on the city, it always seem to be quite safe. It doesn't project the rawness, the energy, the youthfulness and the creativity and most importantly the quick witted humour to be found throughout the city. Like all brochures and the marketing promotion that goes with them, the people behind them have in their minds, the type of image that they think reflects Dublin or what is "Behind The Mask."

K, I'm off.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Behind The Mask?

What does a person write as their very first blog? I've been thinking about this for ages, I mean I came up with this idea for having a blog over 2 months ago now. It's not a novel and it's not something that people are going to read too much into about how you came up with it. But the main thing is what is Behind The Mask?

Who knows maybe I'll have 1 follower, in fact I already do have 1! But maybe then I'll have 2 or maybe 2,000,000. Who knows. Who cares. All I know is that I'm going to write it as I've promised myself I would and that I'll talk about things that interest me. And that will include: Men's fashion in Dublin, personally, I think no one ever really talks about Men's fashion here or where you can buy decent clothes, in fact I think shops here are totally brutal for buying Men's clothes. There are a few spots but it was better years ago, if I had the money, I'd open my own shop. But that's another story. Loads of ideas/opinions on this, so I'll get to it along the way. What else? I won't talk about Womens' fashion. Cos in all fairness, everyone does that. But I might say what I think of women's style here. I'm no expert, but I know what I like. And don't like. And yeah, I'll scrible somethig down too on Music. Art. Eating out. Going for a beer. Or 10 beers. Clubbing. Festivals. Flea Markets. Food Markets. Whatever I can think of! A blog to me is something that hopefully someone gets an idea from. A sort of "Oh yeah!!!!!!!" feeling. Oh and I'll add a few pics too. I like taking pics. I like playing music. I like life. Oh and I like turtles.